We are a network of creative individuals from all edges of the world. We are designers, illustrators, photographers and composers. We are professionals, amateurs, and enthusiasts. We are The Revuh Collective.
shutting doors

After our exhibition Freestyle II everything collapsed. It started before the summer and it stayed inactive. Even though we promised to pull this together, we unfortunately did not. This made us realize, especially after the struggle internally we had with our exhibition Alice last year, that we can’t go on like this. There was zero to none activity in the past weeks, even months, and we think there won’t be any activity any time soon. We feel ashamed because we leave a really good group behind us.

We had an amazing run for how long it lasted. For the past 5 years we’ve worked and enjoyed this collective of friends, and was amazed at the sheer creativity of our artists. We had the team to present 9 uniquely themed exhibits to the world, something we should be proud of. Throughout the years we’ve seen this team growing and slinking, growing again and slinking. The artists made The Revuh Collective what it was, a wonderful and beloved group.

Unfortunately, with regret we have to say that The Revuh Collective has run its course. With Freestyle II we’ve made a lasting impression. We’ll be keeping the exhibitions online for you all to see. We will be closing the forums in short notice. We want to thank you all for participating and being part of the team that is The Revuh Collective. Unfortunately we won’t be able to release the new pack we’re making, so if you want to publish your pieces, go ahead. We are sorry if you have waited so long and at least can’t contribute with your piece to the supposed new pack. We really know how you feel.

Thanks again for your contribution, and we hope to see you somewhere else in the digital art community. Take care and thanks for the support throughout the years.

We love you all.

Joost Huver, Joeri Taelman and Joshua Henninger.

meet the staff
Joost Huver
— Creative Director and Founder

The bearer of life to The Revuh Collective, Founder & Creative Director Joost Huver has been avidly working on the collective since 2008. Huver is a creative student and designer based out of Apeldoorn, The Netherlands who can't sit still and loves what he does.

Get in touch with Joost via Twitter - Facebook - Email

Joeri Taelman
— Community Relations Director

Joeri Taelman is the iron clad link between The Revuh Collective and the artistic community, tirelessly working to connect with the creatives in the Collective and extending Revuh's presence across the web. If you have any questions concerning the Collective, he's the guy to talk to.

Get in touch with Joeri via Twitter - Facebook - Email

Joshua Henninger
— Web Director

Based out of Minnesota (United States), Joshua Henninger is the driving force behind the scenes at The Revuh Collective, responsible for the design and development of The Collective's web presence. Joshua joined The Collective in January 2009, and has been a critical part of the team since.

Get in touch with Joshua via Twitter - Facebook - Email

Chris Snoek
— Staff

Co-founder and helping hand of The Collective, Chris Snoek has been part of the Revuh team since the inception of the project, crawling The Collective community and interacting with the creatives.

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media kit

We have included a media kit below containing the Revuh Type and the Revuh Logo. Please refer to the terms of use before downloading. For other media inquiries, please get a hold of us at media@revuh.net. We are eager to work with any organization and we look forward to speaking with you! :)

Revuh Type
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Revuh Logo
.EPS format

By downloading a Revuh Type/Revuh Logo image, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Only A. (artists recognized as belonging to The Revuh Collective) or B. (individuals/organizations using the images for use in a media article/release related to The Revuh Collective) may download a copy of Revuh Type/Revuh Logo images. All other uses are strictly prohibited.

The Revuh Collective reserves all rights to the intellectual property Revuh Type/Revuh Logo.